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Read This Before ‘Sleeping it Off’ In Your Vehicle

Have you ever walked out of a bar after last call feeling a bit drunk or a little buzzed? Maybe you decided that you didn’t want to drive home. After all, you want to avoid being pulled over, getting charged with a DUI and having to hire a DUI attorney to get you out of the mess. Instead of driving, maybe you thought you’d simply crawl into the driver’s seat of your vehicle, lean back the seat and then “sleep it off” for a few hours. More than likely, you think you’re doing the right thing.

One Problem

While you probably thought that “sleeping it off” in your vehicle was a responsible way to avoid driving, there’s one problem. You could get a wakeup call from the police, suddenly finding yourself charged with a DUI even if you never even put the keys in the ignition. It’s possible to be charged with a DUI if you’re in your car, even if you aren’t driving. Although you can hire a good DWI attorney to help you fight the charges, it’s definitely a bad idea to be anywhere near the driver’s seat of a vehicle if you’ve had a few drinks.

Avoid Being Near Your Vehicle

Since it’s possible that you could be charged with a DUI, even if you’re “sleeping it off” in your car, simply staying out of your vehicle is a great idea. It’s better to sleep someone other than your vehicle while keeping your car keys inside your pocket so it doesn’t look like you are trying to drive. The good thing is that you can find other places to be other than your vehicle if you are drunk. Here are a few good options to consider if you need to avoid driving and you want to find a place to “sleep it off:”

  • Call a taxi cab and have it come pick you up and take you home. You can always go back for your car later.
  • Ride home with a friend that is sober. You can also call a sober friend or family member to come pick you up.
  • Find a nearby hotel or motel. You can probably find a reasonably priced room where you can sleep it off and paying for a room is a lot cheaper than paying court fees, DUI fines and fees for a good DUI attorney.

Getting charged with a parked-card DUI can still be a big problem for you. While a good DUI attorney may be able to help you avoid a conviction, you can never predict whether you’ll be able to escape a conviction or not. “Sleeping it off” is definitely a better choice than driving. However, laws can be tricky once you get into your car, especially if you have your keys out. Just stay away from your car if possible and find a safe place where you can sleep off the effects of alcohol. If you do get charged with a parked-card DUI, make sure you hire a quality DUI attorney to provide a good defense for your case.

Michael Morren is a blogger and social activist who likes to write about legal and moral issues. He did not consult with an attorney when writing this piece, but if he had, he would have contacted a qualified DUI attorney in Albuquerque.