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The 2013 Chevrolet Spark; Ugly, Small… Roomy?

Folks might be surprised to learn that the Chevrolet Spark has been a winner for General Motors since being released at the end of this July. After all, there is no denying that to the eye of the average non-small-car fan, the Spark and its small four-cylinder engine are lacking. Since it has entered the market nearly 5,000 Sparks have been bought by small-car lovers.  It’s main rival is the Scion IQ.

However, David Thomas, reviewer, says in a video review that the Chevy Spark is both “roomier” and “peppier” than one would expect it to be. Where it the car does suffer, Thomas says, is on the highway where its lack of comfort is more noticeable.

The Spark and IQ are both potentially good cars for first-time car buyers, as they combine low price and high affordability/fuel economy. 

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