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VW Pulling a Datsun, Planning New Super Cheap Car

Shortly after Nissan announced that it was breathing life back into to the Datsun brand in order to sell $3,000 cars in emerging markets, Volkswagen spokesman told “Der Spiegel” (a German newspaper) that the automaker has been very intrigued with producing its own ultra-inexpensive car for a long times as well.

After messing around with inexpensive Proton and Suzuki models for years, VW is ready, according to the “Der Spiegel” article, to create low-cost models on its own. At this point, the German automaker would like to create a line of vehicles that includes a sedan, hatch, wagon and SUV by as early as 2015.

Of course, even if VW does all of the work on its own, it most likely cannot afford to sell its new cheap-o-mobiles under the Volkswagen banner. After all, VW has spent decades building a reputation of being an automaker that makes dependable, not cheap vehicles.