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Piggy Banks Beware: Tata Nano, the Planet’s Cheapest Car, Heading to America

The world cheapest car, the Tata Nano, is headed to the U.S. However, despite its extreme rock-bottom price there is some doubt as to how the microcar will be received in the states, since it has not been all that big of a hit even in its home nation, India.

Critics in India have verbally blasted the Tata Nano for lacking both safety features and comfort. However, to be sold in America, the Nano will have to be updated to meet federal safety regulations, which will in turn make it heavier, which will in turn most likely mean that the American Nano will sport an engine that pumps out more than the 37 horsepower that the home version does.

The Indian motorcar maker is happy to be headed to the U.S. Tata’s Chairman Rattan Tata said, “The U.S. is a very enticing market. We are redesigning the Nano for both Europe and the U.S.” 

Built by one of India’s largest industrial conglomerates, Tata is owned by an auto-manufacturing division that also owns the Land Rover and Jaguar brands. 

“Uber-cheap” cars like these seem to be getting a lot of buzz of late.  Others include a $3000 Datsun and a mega-cheap VW.