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How many Teachers Does it Take to Get 19 Kids into a Minicar?


How many teachers does it take to get 19 kids into a minicar? Well, if you are South African preschool teacher Melanie Minnie (sweeter than an M&M, they say) it takes but one.

The student stuffing session happened when Minnie was faced with a dilemma: her 31 students at the Rietfontein nursery school needed to get to a celebratory lunch one mile away at a mall (Who knew there were malls in Africa, eh?). The quick thinking Minnie did the math and figured out that if she divided the group of 31 into two groups, she’d be able to drive them all to the mall in her minicar by making just two short trips.

Unfortunately, mall goers caught sight of the spectacle of nearly a score of munchkins tumbling out of her car and phoned the coppers who discovered Minnie with 19 kids squeezed into her ride. For her initiative Minnie was fined $170.