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Aston Martin May Squeeze V12 into Uber-Compact Car

We’ve been covering small cars a lot lately.  They are getting a lot of buzz, and these uber-compact cars make great cars for first-time buyers and people with limited credit due to their affordability, practicality, and fuel economy.  But Aston Martin is proving that ultra-compact doesn’t have to mean practical.

Seriously, something must be in the water over at Aston Martin.  Just last week, word from across the pond came that they were thinking about buying, merging with or signing some other sort of deal with money-bleeding Lotus. Now, the news out of Britain is that Aston Martin is trying to figure out how it can shoehorn a large V12 into a small Cygnet City Car.

In fact, some say that Aston Martin has already completed a feasibility study and learned that a 510bhp 6.0-liter V12 will fit into the Toyota IQ-based car without extensive modifications being needed. Now, the ultimate question is if there is significant consumer demand for such a beast of a micro-compact car.