Auto Loans With No Credit

You Must Have Your ID To Take Delivery After A No Credit Car Loan

The all mighty driver’s license. That little piece of plastic in your wallet could be the key to being able to take delivery of your new car. Here is how.

Even if you have been approved for a no credit car loan, you may not be allowed to drive your new car home if your driver’s license is not valid or does not have the same address as the one on your credit application. When you present you license a copy will be placed in the deal folder along with the rest of the required loan documents. Your driver’s license must be valid, issued by the state in which you reside, reflect your current address, and can not be expired. In some states the dealer will also verify your license with the DMV. If the DMV shows outstanding tickets, fines, suspensions, etc., delivery will not take place and your loan could be canceled.

Getting an auto loan with no credit history is difficult enough. You do not want the process held up by a invalid license. Double check all of the information on your id before securing a loan.