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Tips for Safe Driving in Winter Conditions

We know that all of you young drivers and first time buyers think you’ve got the whole driving thing down-pat, but winter driving is a challenge for everyone.  Although many parts of the country are experiencing very mild winters so far, it only takes a single snowstorm before drivers are spinning out all over the place.  There are a few precautions you can take to make sure you’re not one of them, though.

  • Don’t drive unless you have to. The easiest way to avoid an accident is obviously not to be behind the wheel.  Often, the first snowstorm of the winter brings out everyone thinking that it’s time to go do “donuts” at the parking lot covered with snow.  The more cars on the roadway, however, the more chances there are of a collision, so to help keep the roads safer for everyone, just stay home if you can .
  • If your car breaks down, get it to the side of the road. Police will stop and check on you if your hazard lights are flashing, so it’s a good idea to flip those on as well.  Moving your car to the side means that other vehicles won’t have to apply the brakes to avoid you, decreasing the chance of rear-ending your vehicle.
  • Keep a safe distance between vehicles and on bridges. In icy road conditions, you want to avoid the brakes, because once you apply them, your car will begin to skid.  Bridges and overpasses are especially prone to freezing over, because the air passes both on top and underneath the road surface.

And remember, the most common cause of accidents during winter weather conditions is going too fast.  So slow down, don’t take chances, and keep your wits about you.  If your vehicle goes skidding off the road and gets totaled, the insurance payout might not be enough to cover the no credit car loan we helped you find.  Talk about being snowed under…by debt!