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Educating Teen Drivers via Social Media

Bendix Brakes has started a social media campaign to help educate teen drivers and their parents about how to stay safe on the roads during these winter months. More specifically, the campaign is focusing on how drivers can properly maintain their vehicles during the harsh conditions of the cold season.

Through its profiles on YouTube and Facebook, Bendix Brakes is suggesting that teen drivers use the following tips to keep their vehicles in top condition this winter:

• Each time you change your oil, also change your wiper blades.
• Test the tread of your tires with a quarter. If you can see the top of Washington’s head when you place the coin in the groove of a tread, you need new tires.
• Check your fluid levels monthly.
• Make sure your radiator has the proper ratio of antifreeze to water.
• Change brake pads as soon as your brakes begin to squeak.
• Have a certified mechanic check out any other grinding or serious-sounding noises as soon as you hear them so that you can avoid more costly problems down the road.