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Can a Driver’s Car be an Automatic?

Cars that appeal to drivers as being a vehicle that is downright fun to zip and zoom around in have traditionally been stick shifts. Manual transmissions give the driver a more precise control over acceleration and deceleration than do automatic transmissions. So it came as a surprise to auto blogger Derek Kreindler just how much fun he had when he rented a 2013 Mazda CX-5 SkyACTIV for a week.

According to Kreindler, Mazda’s newest SkyACTIV powertrain helped him quickly forget the joy of the third pedal and stick. He said in his blog post that the CX-5 seemed “to want to upshift to the highest gear ASAP,” while at the same time being willing to downshift as needed when commuting. He summarized his time in the CX-5 as being a “beautifully smooth” drive.

That said, we here at Car Loan with No Credit are still partial to the manual gearbox.  It tends to meld the vehicle and driver together more harmoniously, and it precludes dangerous activities like texting while driving.  That said, it may not be ideal if for driving in winter conditions or hilly terrain.