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33, 34 MPG Highway for 2013 Ford Escape, Subaru BRZ, Scion FR-S

The model year 2013 Subaru BRZ, Scion FR-S and Ford Escape are going to hit the road later this spring boasting mighty fine fuel-efficiency ratings.

All of the versions of the Escape, each powered by one from a trio of four-cylinder engines, will get more than 30 miles per gallon on the highway. Meanwhile, it is said that the Scion and the BRZ will do the Escape one mile better per gallon.

The Escape’s base engine will squeeze two more miles per gallon than the previous year’s version. It will accomplish this with a 2.5-liter Duratec four-cylinder powertrain that churns out 168 horsepower. The fuel efficiency and performance numbers are some of the best in crossover niche.

The Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ, both sport coupe twins, will arrive in showrooms with the identical MPG ratings of 25/34/28 mpg for automatic transmission and 22/30/25 mpg for manual.  These last two new models will certainly be popular among young drivers (males especially) and first time car buyers.  Just remember that two-door sports cars come with quite high insurance rates.  For that reason, you might want to get a car insurance quote before financing one of these vehicles.  After all, you don’t want your monthly premiums to be nearly as high as your car loan payments, right?