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Study Finds Drivers Have No Need for Twitter, Facebook Apps

An unnecessary study into the obvious has found that drivers do not have much desire to use Facebook or Twitter while driving regardless of whether or not the social media apps are integrated through their vehicles’ entertainment systems.

These tech-phobic study responders said they prefer to watch the road while driving. Interestingly enough, the researchers found that the older the drivers were, the less likely they were to want to twit or Facebook while behind the wheel. Speaking about this correlation, a researcher said, “Actually, we were rather surprised to find that those who are already knocking at death’s door, the elderly, were so reluctant to be distracted while driving.”

Responding to this comment and life in general, Jack McCraver, 89, said, “I like pie.”

Instead of wanting social media apps in their cars, respondents said they would like to have real-time weather forecasts, traffic and parking information and built-in vehicle navigation systems.