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10 Best Racers’ Names of All Time

Race car drivers should have awesome names. I mean, why is Donald Driver a football player and not a big shot on the NASCAR circuit? Surely someone in casting lost his job over that one. That being said, there are still a good number of cool names that did make it onto the track. And, the lads down at Jalopnik, knowing just how vital a good name can be, asked their readers to answer the ageless question, “What is the most ridiculous race car driver name of all times?” This is what they learned.

The top race car driver names are:

  1. John Force, the 15-time Funny Car Champion.
  2. Will Power, a two-time road course Australian IndyCar driver.
  3. Dick Passwater (strange, that’s my proctologist’s name as well), a retired American stock car driver.
  4. Banjo Matthews, was a NASCAR racer and car builder. In fact, he built 72% of the winning NASCAR cars from 1974 to 1985.
  5. Duck Waddle, a long time racer who has notched five divisional championships and one national championship into his steering wheel.
  6. Coo Coo Marlin, never won a race in 14 years on the NASCAR circuit
  7. Twig Zeigler, a Funny Car racer from the late 1960’s. Yeah, who knew there were cars back then, huh?
  8. Fonty Flock, a hall of fame NASCAR driver and genuine bootlegger/moonshiner.
  9. Wolfgang Alexander Albert Eduard Maximilian Reichsgraf Berghe von Trips, was, we are told, “one of the last great aristocratic gentleman drivers who defined motor racing’s early years. He came from a noble family in the Rhineland and competed in Formula One from ’56 to his death at the Italian Grand Prix in ’61.” Anyone with a name this long, deserves to have the longest entry on this list.
  10. Dick Trickle, no relation to Dick Passwater, may be America’s most-winning driver for his success on the short track.

Okay, okay – we’ve got to give credit for digging up these names.  But man, they are (like totally) awesome.