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Is the 2014 VW Golf GTD Diesel Hot Hatch Coming to the US?

Finally, Americans might be able to get their pudgy hands upon the diesel VQ Golf, one of the hottest hatchbacks ever roll along the gray roads of a grayer Europe.

The publication Car and Driver says that VW is “seriously contemplating” bringing a sportier version of the Golf diesel to American shores to be offered alongside its GTI model. If this invasion occurs, Americans will finally have access to a Golf that is more powerful than the 140-horsepower Golf that is currently being sold in the U.S. There is also a good chance that the yet-to-be released Golf will earn more than the 34/42 mpg that the present Yank model does.  With that combo of performance and economy, this baby may just make next year’s list of top cars that mix performance w/ mpg.