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The Bitchingest Boxy Cars of All Time

Popular Mechanics, a publication that knows a little something about engines and, let’s face it, being square, has identified what it says are the top square cars of all time. The cars making the list were tooling the roads well before the Nissan Cube (my, what an ugly vehicle!) and the Scion xB were born. These cars are from the 70’s and 80’s – some of them still great cars for people with no credit and no cosigner.

The first car on the square list is the Volvo 240 that was made from 1975–1993. These five-door station wagons were called “turbo bricks” due to their square make up. However, they were relatively fast being able to reach 60 seconds in fewer than eight seconds.  

The BMW M3,1988–1991, became a template that other automakers copied when they followed suit with their own box cars. The M3 was fitted with a four-cylinder engine that somehow was about to pump out nearly 200 horsepower. 

Though the Mercedes-Benz 500E (1991–1994) was an all around right-angled car, it was best-known for its huge, square-jawed front end. This car, one of the fastest sedans on the road in the early 90s, was mostly hand-assembled. 

Produced for 17 years, the boxy Jeep Cherokee (1984–2001) was a popular vehicle until carmakers started to go small and lightweight. But, while it was being produced, this Jeep was one tough, angular beast that was as ready for off-road driving as it was for the paved road. 

Another vehicle that enjoyed a lengthy production run is the Chevy Blazer that was made from 1973 to 1991. This truck/early-SUV is as cubic as a Picasso print and nearly just as popular. These days, Chevy Blazers continue to ride our roads boasting their blocky beauty.