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Don’t Drive these 10 Used Cars

If you do just one thing in your life, it should be listening to Forbes Magazine. After all, the publication knows a thing or two about money, business and quality.

One of its latest offerings to us, the needy public, is a list of used cars to avoid. To make its list of stinkers, Forbes mined data from safety ratings, reliability surveys, resale value figures, and its own collection of road tests. All of the cars on the list are American-made with the exception of one Jaguar and one BMW. No Japanese or South Korean cars were rotten enough to make this collection of crappy cars. 

With the caveat that any car that has been abused can be a stinker whether or not it is on this list, the used cars not to buy are:

  • The BMW X5 is a big ol’ crossover that suffers from reliability issues and an overall poor design quality.
  • The discontinued Cadillac STS should not be purchased because it costs more than it should and has issues with its braking and electrical systems.
  • Forbes says that the Chevrolet Aveo is to be avoided for a whole list of issues to include its less-than-good brakes, fuel system, body hardware and integrity, and audio system.
  • Both the GMC Canyon and the Chevrolet Colorado have below-par dependability ratings, crash test scores, and overall quality rankings.
  • The midsize sedans, the Dodge Avenger and Chrysler Sebring, suffer from cheaply designed interiors, sluggish 2.4-liter engines, and “poor long-term mechanical reliability.”
  • The Jaguar XF is, according to Forbes, a fine car when new. However, once its warranty expires, it can be one expensive ride to keep on the road.
  • Consumer Reports and J.D. Pwer both say that the Chrysler Town and Country and the Dodge Grand Caravan, both minivans, will be infected with accessory and feature failures.

We don’t have to tell you that it would be wise to avoid these cars.  You might be better off with one of the vehicles from these lists: