Auto Loans With No Credit

Top Tips Before A Road Trip

Whether you’re taking the car on a short trip or one that’s much longer, there are still some things you need to do to make sure you’re prepared, safe, comfortable and free from any potential problems that may arise.  Here are few ideas to get that trip safely on the road. Check your vehicle Without […]

Is Datsun’s New $3,000 Model for You?

Nissan Motor Co., with its cauldrons all ‘a bubbling, is rising from the dead a Datsun that will sell for a mere $3,000. However, don’t go rushing with your mallet to your piggy bank just yet. You will not be able to buy this cheap-o-mobile unless you are living in an emerging-market nation. No, Mississippi […]

How to Get Used Car Loans With No Credit

While it is true that getting a used car loan with no credit can be difficult, it certainly isn’t impossible. The reason this type of loan is hard to get is because used cars are always a bigger risk for lenders, even when customers have impeccable credit. This is because if the borrower defaults on […]

How to Get Student Car Loans With No Credit

Most college students have extremely tight budgets due not only to tuition costs, but also the costs of college life:  books, meal plans, rent, and – let’s be honest – beverages. After-class jobs and internships can be a great source of income, but they can also be a significant source of stress in and of […]

Don’t Drive these 10 Used Cars

If you do just one thing in your life, it should be listening to Forbes Magazine. After all, the publication knows a thing or two about money, business and quality. One of its latest offerings to us, the needy public, is a list of used cars to avoid. To make its list of stinkers, Forbes […]

The Bitchingest Boxy Cars of All Time

Popular Mechanics, a publication that knows a little something about engines and, let’s face it, being square, has identified what it says are the top square cars of all time. The cars making the list were tooling the roads well before the Nissan Cube (my, what an ugly vehicle!) and the Scion xB were born. […]

2012 Nissan Versa 1.6 SL Sedan Fine for Cheap Ride

Early 2012 Nissan Versa 1.6 SL Sedan reviews are coming in decidedly okay, just okay. However, being okay is great for a car with a base price just to the north of $10,000 – a price that will be right in the wheelhouse for many students and first time drivers who are short in the […]

Is the 2014 VW Golf GTD Diesel Hot Hatch Coming to the US?

Finally, Americans might be able to get their pudgy hands upon the diesel VQ Golf, one of the hottest hatchbacks ever roll along the gray roads of a grayer Europe. The publication Car and Driver says that VW is “seriously contemplating” bringing a sportier version of the Golf diesel to American shores to be offered […]

Car Loans for People with No Credit and No Cosigner

People with no credit often find a co-signer to sign their car loans in order to convince lenders to take them on as customers. Co-signers agree to repay the outstanding loan if the principal debtor defaults on their debt.  This reassures lenders that they will be repaid even if they lend to customers who present […]

Groovy Cars Costing $18K and Under

Competition, new technology and more efficient manufacturing techniques continue to combine to give us quality cars that are, somewhat relatively speaking, inexpensive. Kelley Blue Book has checked the numbers and virtually kicked the tires to find out which cars costing less than $18,000 are the best buys. This is the list they came up with. […]