Auto Loans With No Credit

Lender Solutions Promotes Jeff Bunch to VP

Black Book announced that Jeff Bunch has been promoted to vice president of its Lender Solutions. In its announcement, the provider of vehicle pricing information said that as vice president, Bunch will be responsible for increasing the company’s profits through the licensing of its data to auto financing providers such as banks, credit unions and […]

Can a Driver’s Car be an Automatic?

Cars that appeal to drivers as being a vehicle that is downright fun to zip and zoom around in have traditionally been stick shifts. Manual transmissions give the driver a more precise control over acceleration and deceleration than do automatic transmissions. So it came as a surprise to auto blogger Derek Kreindler just how much […]

Top Cars to Wait for

Not all that we look forward to meets our expectations. There was Geraldo Rivera at Capone’s vault, Matrix Reloaded and the Chevy Volt. The world can indeed be very cruel.  This last example is just one of many misses from the automotive world. However, there have also been a good number of vehicles that have […]

Cars and 4 Other Things You Should Never Buy New

Even when you are on a strict budget, you like to buy something new from time to time. Unfortunately, most things you purchase lose a huge portion of their value almost as soon as you leave the retailer. Cars are the most well known, but everything from a CD to a television suffer from the […]

5 Ways To Build Your Credit Score

In order to build a credit history you have to put yourself at risk for destroying that score. It is actually easier to tear your score apart than it is to build it. Here are five tips to help you build a score, some will actually save you money along the way. Never carry a […]

Educating Teen Drivers via Social Media

Bendix Brakes has started a social media campaign to help educate teen drivers and their parents about how to stay safe on the roads during these winter months. More specifically, the campaign is focusing on how drivers can properly maintain their vehicles during the harsh conditions of the cold season. Through its profiles on YouTube […]

Forbes: Cheapest 2012 Autos to Own

Forbes has released its rankings of 2012 cars, SUVs and trucks that are the cheapest to own. More useful than a listing of sticker prices, this ranking takes into consideration all sorts of costs that impact the total price of auto ownership so that consumers are able to identify vehicles delivering long-term value. Recent months […]

Credit Opening for Auto Buyers

There are strong signs that the auto-loan credit drought that started a few years back is over. The auto credit market collapsed as a result of the even larger collapse of the housing market. Then, consumers’ inability to get credit to purchase vehicles led to, in part, the bankruptcies of Chrysler and General Motors Corp. […]

What to Look Out For When Financing a New or Used Car

When purchasing a used or new vehicle, there are a lot of things to look out for.  Customers with less-than-perfect credit may be tempted to sign the dotted line at the first dealership willing to loan them money, and end up agreeing to things they never intended to.  To make matters worse, the Federal Trade […]

Tips for Safe Driving in Winter Conditions

We know that all of you young drivers and first time buyers think you’ve got the whole driving thing down-pat, but winter driving is a challenge for everyone.  Although many parts of the country are experiencing very mild winters so far, it only takes a single snowstorm before drivers are spinning out all over the […]