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Young Drivers are Sleepy Drivers

Young drivers are more likely to drive drowsy according to the American Automobile Association. Making the statement at the start of the National Sleep Foundation’s Drowsy Driving Prevention Week, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety says that according to one of its recent surveys one in seven drivers from 16 to 24 years old said […]

Aston Martin May Squeeze V12 into Uber-Compact Car

We’ve been covering small cars a lot lately.  They are getting a lot of buzz, and these uber-compact cars make great cars for first-time buyers and people with limited credit due to their affordability, practicality, and fuel economy.  But Aston Martin is proving that ultra-compact doesn’t have to mean practical. Seriously, something must be in […]

How many Teachers Does it Take to Get 19 Kids into a Minicar?

  How many teachers does it take to get 19 kids into a minicar? Well, if you are South African preschool teacher Melanie Minnie (sweeter than an M&M, they say) it takes but one. The student stuffing session happened when Minnie was faced with a dilemma: her 31 students at the Rietfontein nursery school needed […]

VW Pulling a Datsun, Planning New Super Cheap Car

Shortly after Nissan announced that it was breathing life back into to the Datsun brand in order to sell $3,000 cars in emerging markets, Volkswagen spokesman told “Der Spiegel” (a German newspaper) that the automaker has been very intrigued with producing its own ultra-inexpensive car for a long times as well. After messing around with […]

The 2013 Chevrolet Spark; Ugly, Small… Roomy?

Folks might be surprised to learn that the Chevrolet Spark has been a winner for General Motors since being released at the end of this July. After all, there is no denying that to the eye of the average non-small-car fan, the Spark and its small four-cylinder engine are lacking. Since it has entered the […]

You Too Can Have a Scion iQ for $99 a Month

Scion is offering the offer of all offers: a lease of a Scion’s iQ mini car for less than one hundred bucks a month. Industry observers believe the move was made to help Scion compete in a market that just keeps growing more competitive. One of the iQ’s main competitors is the Chevrolet Spark. GM […]

Is Datsun’s New $3,000 Model for You?

Nissan Motor Co., with its cauldrons all ‘a bubbling, is rising from the dead a Datsun that will sell for a mere $3,000. However, don’t go rushing with your mallet to your piggy bank just yet. You will not be able to buy this cheap-o-mobile unless you are living in an emerging-market nation. No, Mississippi […]

The Bitchingest Boxy Cars of All Time

Popular Mechanics, a publication that knows a little something about engines and, let’s face it, being square, has identified what it says are the top square cars of all time. The cars making the list were tooling the roads well before the Nissan Cube (my, what an ugly vehicle!) and the Scion xB were born. […]

Is the 2014 VW Golf GTD Diesel Hot Hatch Coming to the US?

Finally, Americans might be able to get their pudgy hands upon the diesel VQ Golf, one of the hottest hatchbacks ever roll along the gray roads of a grayer Europe. The publication Car and Driver says that VW is “seriously contemplating” bringing a sportier version of the Golf diesel to American shores to be offered […]