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Top Cars to Wait for

Not all that we look forward to meets our expectations. There was Geraldo Rivera at Capone’s vault, Matrix Reloaded and the Chevy Volt. The world can indeed be very cruel.  This last example is just one of many misses from the automotive world. However, there have also been a good number of vehicles that have […]

Cars and 4 Other Things You Should Never Buy New

Even when you are on a strict budget, you like to buy something new from time to time. Unfortunately, most things you purchase lose a huge portion of their value almost as soon as you leave the retailer. Cars are the most well known, but everything from a CD to a television suffer from the […]

Forbes: Cheapest 2012 Autos to Own

Forbes has released its rankings of 2012 cars, SUVs and trucks that are the cheapest to own. More useful than a listing of sticker prices, this ranking takes into consideration all sorts of costs that impact the total price of auto ownership so that consumers are able to identify vehicles delivering long-term value. Recent months […]

The Cheapest Car To Repair: Toyota

As it continues to climb back from the troubles caused by its ongoing recall problems along with the destruction caused by last spring’s tsunami and earthquake in Japan, Toyota has received some good news in the U.S. According to CarMD: Toyota’s cars not only require the fewest repairs, the repairs they need are the cheapest. […]

Top Five Tips For First Time Car Buyers

Buying a car for the first time is a thrilling experience. It is also a bit scary and intimidating. It gets better with experience, but the only thing that can help the first time is solid advice. Along those lines, here are five tips every first time car buyer should keep in mind. Separate wants […]