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Auto Loans With No Credit

How to Get Used Car Loans With No Credit

While it is true that getting a used car loan with no credit can be difficult, it certainly isn’t impossible. The reason this type of loan is hard to get is because used cars are always a bigger risk for lenders, even when customers have impeccable credit. This is because if the borrower defaults on […]

How to Get Student Car Loans With No Credit

Most college students have extremely tight budgets due not only to tuition costs, but also the costs of college life:  books, meal plans, rent, and – let’s be honest – beverages. After-class jobs and internships can be a great source of income, but they can also be a significant source of stress in and of […]

Car Loans for People with No Credit and No Cosigner

People with no credit often find a co-signer to sign their car loans in order to convince lenders to take them on as customers. Co-signers agree to repay the outstanding loan if the principal debtor defaults on their debt.  This reassures lenders that they will be repaid even if they lend to customers who present […]

What to Look Out For When Financing a New or Used Car

When purchasing a used or new vehicle, there are a lot of things to look out for.  Customers with less-than-perfect credit may be tempted to sign the dotted line at the first dealership willing to loan them money, and end up agreeing to things they never intended to.  To make matters worse, the Federal Trade […]

You Must Have Your ID To Take Delivery After A No Credit Car Loan

The all mighty driver’s license. That little piece of plastic in your wallet could be the key to being able to take delivery of your new car. Here is how. Even if you have been approved for a no credit car loan, you may not be allowed to drive your new car home if your […]